About JRNY Limited

Do you want to get involved with a new age team of attempting to have an impact globally? Do you want to work with AI? While also having a flexible work environment that allows remote working from anywhere in the world (with a stable internet connection obviously!)

Life happens, it's unpredictable, and let's be honest, there's enough to worry about. Insurance can help people breathe that little bit easier knowing they’re covered when life throws a 'curly one'. The problem is that it's often confusing and time consuming to buy, resulting in widespread underinsurance.

So at JRNY, our mission is to help more people breathe easy knowing the most appropriate insurance for them has their back.

To fulfil our mission, we help insurance providers protect people better. Our white labelled Insurance Distribution Platform allows insurers to simplify insurance for their customers, offer consistent and compliant advice, and distribute policies more efficiently. A deeper understanding of their customers also helps them improve their products and services continuously. The result is that more people are better covered at the right time.

Internally, we're committed to building a kick ass culture where every single team member has the opportunity to grow and achieve their own personal goals, while also creating meaningful relationships.

Do you want great work stories with great chat? Join JRNY ;)

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